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Launchtags.comSquidoo-esque site Launchtags, lets users share their expertise and earn a few dollars while doing it. Members create mini-pages on which they can post videos, photos and links about their chosen subject.

They’ll earn fifty percent of all advertising revenue generated from their pages. Subjects range from books and grandfatherly advice to London Hotels and France. Each contributor is given a profile which also links to each mini-page they’ve created. The Launchpad section plays host to ideas, it’s where you go for inspiration to create your own mini-page. Launchtags is free for everyone. In Their Own Words

“Launchtags lets you create mini-pages about your expertise, interests, know how, hobbies, ideas or just about anything bright and shiny. Use text, pictures, videos, links and RSS feeds to build your page. Share 50% of the advertising revenue brought in by the traffic to your great page. is simple, free and fun!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Launchtags could be the next Squidoo, which is already popular. It’s got the same structure and revenue scheme. Essentially, it narrows the web, bringing more specific information to its users. Information is much easier to find on Launchtags than when using traditional search engines.

Some Questions About

Will Launchtags attract enough users to make it work? Will it fall victim to spammers? How will it fare in relation to Squidoo, which does pretty much the same thing?