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LaunchSplash.comThere is no better way to advertise your new site than by making a launch page which celebrates and announces its primer. LaunchSplash.


com gives users a free and easy way to create their own launch page for their site. Creating your own launch page is simple. Simply click on “get launch page now” and enter some basic information. You must enter your domain name, the launch page title and a brief introduction. You can then choose the color of your launch page and you are ready to go. has many features which allow users to customize their design and gather information on their launch page. Users can choose their color scheme and pick from many different template designs. Users can also go back and edit their launch page at any time to replace logos or backgrounds. Visitors on your launch page can sign up for notifications so they can be contacted when your service or site is available. Users can include a launch page feed as well to keep visitors up to date. also includes traffic analysis so you can see how many people access your page each month. Promote your site by creating your own launch page at In Their Own Words

“LaunchSplash allows you to create a Web 2.0 “Coming Soon” Launch Page for your domain quickly and easily.
It includes support for visitors to sign up for site announcements via Email Lists and RSS.”

Why It Might Be A Killer gives users many features so that they can be in control over the design of their launch page as well as gather valuable data such as traffic analysis. It is great that users can go back and edit details of their launch page such as logos and design. is a great idea because the more you publicize your site the more traffic your site will receive.

Some Questions About

When will the demo be available? It would be great if included a gallery of launch pages that were created with so users could get an idea of what they can make.

Author : Charly Zaks

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