– Take Your Reading To Your Mobile

LaterLoop.comLaterLoop is a brand new mobile application developed for reading things (later) on your smart phone. It basically allows you to save pages and access them whenever you’re ready toread them.

LaterLoop integrates directly with your browser—there are extensions for IE and Firefox; these add a single click button to your browser which you can use to add pages. There’s also a cross platform bookmarklet, for those who use other browsers. LaterLoop works on iPhones, Blackberries, and Nokias—the mobile version of the site is available at Saved pages can be arranged randomly, from oldest to newest and vice versa. Users can also send themselves emails about their saved articles from their phones. In Their Own Words

“You may not have tried it but reading webpages on your phone can work surprisingly well.

Whether you’re on the couch at home, taking the morning commute or waiting at the airport, you can catch up on your reading list whenever you have a minute or more.

LaterLoop is a free service that’s optimized for iPhones, Blackberries, Nokias and similar smartphones. LaterLoop also has a clean web interface for your regular browser.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

LaterLoop has a simple yet smart premise—to take your reading material to go on your mobile. The UI is clean and fresh. It’s very easy to use, with extensions for the most popular browsers; it also works on a variety of phones, not just your iPhone.

Some Questions About

Will this actually make people want to read articles on their phones? Is there any way to mark articles as read? Does it work offline as well?