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LastVid.comLastVid is a service that couples the ever-widening collection of music videos that characterize YouTube with the search and discovery functionalities inherent to, giving the user a tool for launching a stream of music videos that can last for as long as he wants.

Essentially, when you look up a song at the site you are presented with different performances of that particular piece. For example, by looking up “Pinball Wizard” I came across the legendary Woodstock performance, some promotional takes and some recent versions with Zak playing the drums. I was also presented with versions of the song by other performers than The Who. As you can imagine, Elton John’ version was right there after the rock titans’s version.

As well as providing the name or the band or the title of any given composition, the system makes for supplying tags that reflect your tastes such as “Alternative”, “Indie” and “Electric”. A list highlighting the most popular tags is provided on the main page.

To sum it up, this site will empower any music adept to come across official videos, live performances and covers in a single search. Whatever your favourite genre is, I am more than certain the site will have a couple of treats in store for you. Just check it out and see it for yourself. In Their Own Words

“ brings together YouTube’s endless collection of music videos and the power of’s music discovery service. Click on any video below to start your non-stop stream of music videos. Multiple videos are displayed for each song so you’ll be able to find live performances, official music videos, covers, remixes and much more. You can also search for your username to play videos for your favorite songs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

All the many music lovers are going to find it incredibly flexible.

Some Questions About

How is the search functionality structured in terms of learning from your behavior?