– Wiki in HTML is a Wiki website that is is actually edited in HTML and JavaScript, so all of the editing that is done to the site is actually seen in real time, there is no delay as there would be with another wiki.

The site can be navigated through fairly easily by either searches or categories to create or to read about. As of now the site is still getting going so there are very little topics. With time hopefully the site will grow more so there will be resources for people to look through and more incentive for people to keep contributing to the site. There is also a spot on the wiki to report any bugs that you might spot or if you have any ideas that may be helpful to makes the wiki better for everyone, you can make suggestions to the site. In Their Own Words

Welcome to WizzardWiki!

WizzardWiki is a WYSIWYG raw HTML + JavaScript Wiki. This means that it is a Wiki in which you edit pages in raw HTML or JavaScript, and you can see what this looks like rendered by the browser immediately.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can be useful to post directly into HTML and JavaScript to edit pages in a raw form to make the changes in the site happen more quickly and effectively. This may be new and exciting way to Wiki for those who know the ins and outs of JavaScript and HTML.

Some Questions About

Right now there is barely any information on the site at all, and the Alexa Ranking illustrates that not many people are logging into the site to use it; even if there were there is no advertising and the site is free to use.