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LandLordReview.comIt’s almost time to go back to University, which for a lot of kids means finding a place to live. Apartment hunting is never easy especially when the economy’s down and rising prices.


On top of that, you’ve got to find decent, not crazy roommates, a decent not crazy landlord, along with a fair price and a place that’s not infested with creepy, crawly things. With LandLordReview, you can check one of those things off your list. LandLordReview is what it sounds like, a site where you can post or read up on reviews previous tenants write about their landlords and landlord experiences. Join to use. The site covers most major metropolitan areas in the States and you can search management companies too. There’s even a hall of shame and a list of tenant resources. In Their Own Words

“Landlord Review was founded to create an informed, trusted community of tenants that will rate and review previous landlords to protect each other from the bad ones and promote the good ones.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Landlord Review is a good resource when apartment hunting. The site is low key and has lots of useful resources and features.

Some Questions About

This site is on the boring side. Will users actually use it to make it worthwhile? Are the reviews reliable? Accurate? How can you tell?

Author : Bruce Turner

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