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Land your next career with Giraffe

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question usually evokes memories of our childhood aspirations, and for the founders of Giraffe, the answers were simple: A florist, an IT specialist, a surgeon, a famous ballerina and the Secretary of Defense. Though seemingly lofty goals in retrospect, part of this child-like hope for doing great things and changing the world never leaves us. Even now, as adults, many of us are still asking that same question.


Why? Unfortunately, not all of us eventually grow up to become famous performers or high-profile public servants. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to put that very same passion into the career that we do choose. That’s where Giraffe comes in: knowing (from experience!) that no two careers are exactly the same, they’re breaking from the mold of the traditional job search to help you discover a more meaningful and enjoyable career path.

Here’s how it works: With an innovative AI platform, Giraffe lets anyone explore new careers and find job recommendations through a system that matches your skills, experience and interests with relevant career content and even live Q&A chats with experts in those areas. Giraffe has you covered whether you need intelligently-matched career options based on your interests, resources related to your next career, or connections with your professional community, including companies that match your preferences.

Giraffe offers a creative new way to explore, plan and get started with your ideal career. Rather than keep you boxed in with generic lists of applications and other resources, Giraffe opens your world to the possibilities of what you can accomplish, all tailored uniquely to your passion.

Key features:

Personalized recommendations: Say goodbye to those generalized, outdated career aptitude tests: Giraffe learns from the interests that excite you and suggests careers based on the simple understanding that you’ll excel most doing the things you love best.

Explore and discover: Dive into an ever-growing catalog of trending, unimagined, yet uniquely-relevant careers. Explore their diverse set of careers all while being one click away from interactive content to help you learn more about each one.

Career profiles: Stay up-to-date with the latest information on any of Giraffe’s careers by building your profile and joining a passionate, career-oriented online community. Find real-world perspectives, vetted resources and connections with working professionals in the fields that excite you.

Career discovery activities: Giraffe is always inventing new ways to help you find your dream career: We’ll keep you informed on all of the amazing opportunities out there (while making sure not to overwhelm you!).

Interested? Giraffe is equipping passionate, driven people with the best tools and resources they need to see their career path more clearly and make more informed career decisions. Learn more about us and get started today at You can also find us on Product Hunt.

Author : Regan Nagel

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