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LabWrench.comLabWrench is a social networking site like no other. Not in terms of features or options, but rather in terms of subject matter. You see, LabWrench is a social network that is aimed solely at scientists. If you are not one, then you are not deriving any kind of uses from it. But if you are indeed one, then you will be hard-pressed to find something more interesting and practical.

On, everything revolves around scientific products. Scientists who sign up for an account can proceed to connect with manufacturers and ask all the questions they have regarding all these products they use in their laboratories. The site is broken down into lots of different categories (Analytical, Biotechnology, Basic Laboratory, Clinical Laboratory…), so that finding/posting anything is as easy as it could be. And the site makes it very easy to find the documentation that goes with any of the featured products or instruments, too.

Overall, more than 8,000 products are already listed and extensively discussed on LabWrench. That is a very respectable figure, and as the site keeps on growing (and more and more products are indexed) things can but get even better. In Their Own Words

Lab equipment information and discussions.

Why It Might Be A Killer

With a database of 8,000 products and growing, LabWrench is a social site that can but let scientists have all their work-related questions answered.

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Is there anybody else who could benefit from such a site?

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