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Labs.Jaduka.comJaduka Labs is an online showcase of free consumer-based applications to serve as a working proof of concept of Jaduka’s underlying enterprise telephony platform. Jaduka Labs currently offers 5 free applications with more currently in production and planning.


dukaBUZZ is an audio comment system for blogs enables site visitors to leave audio messages and testimonials that can be shared with others. Instead of typing and posting written comments, site visitors record audio comments using the dukaBUZZ widget and their standard phone (no software downloads or headsets required). dukaDIAL, this simple web initiated dialer allows users to make phone calls to any telephone number in North America and demonstrates the clarity and reliability of Jaduka’s telecommunications switching platform. dukaBAR, a one click dialing from any phone number on a webpage with an exclusive browser toolbar. dukaLINK receives phone calls from private HTML links without ever revealing your phone number. Perfect for Craigslist postings. Finally, JadukaTV, a fun widget that allows you to become part of the Presidential debate. Put your words in the mouths of the candidates and be part of the process, or just have some fun. In Their Own Words

“Jaduka’s engineers created Jaduka Labs – an interactive showcase of useful applications and widgets – to demonstrate the power and clarity of Jaduka’s voice communication technology.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

dukaBUZZ has many uses and adds an element of community and interactivity to a blog or website. This simple to use and implement web application has uses for radio and television stations for polling and viewer/listener commentary or for web sites to use as a tool for receiving and sharing audio testimonials. dukaLINK allows users to receive calls from private clickable HTML links, yet allows them to control how long they wish to receive calls from that link and most importantly, they never have to share their real phone number. dukaBAR has uses for anyone who makes a lot of phone calls in their day to day efforts, automating the dialing process and increasing productivity while eliminating dialing mistakes. All in all, Jaduka Labs is looking to its rapidly growing user base for insight and feedback on creating the killer web-based telephony application or widget, in whatever form that takes.

Some Questions About

Is Jaduka Labs going to keep adding new tools to the site? They seem to be succeeding with the tools they already provide.

Author : Liam Gray

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