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LabPixies.comLabPixies is a free online directory for web gadgets. Our gadgets are available for personalized homepages like Google, Live.


com, Netvibes and Pageflakes, and can also be installed on most blogs and web pages. All you have to do is click on the “add to” button of your favorite website and you will start personalizing your online experience. Examples of the most popular gadgets are a calculator of calories, a tv gadget so you can watch your favorite stations on your homepage, a clock, and a to-do list. Some new gadgets are a pregnancy calculator to track your pregnancy, a gadget so you can see that site’s hotlist on your homepage and a gadget for Soduko puzzles. It’s quite an incredible site, actually, and is designed for the average person. Sure there are other ways of getting the same information to your homepage, but this site simplifies the process and makes it fun. In Their Own Words

LabPixies is a leading provider of personalized web content and technology. Our mission is to provide the ultimate personalize online experience, bringing together the most advanced web technologies and services in a customizable, easy to use interface.

At LabPixies we create quality interactive components (“Gadgets”) for the personalized environment. Our gadgets range from entertainment gadgets such as games and music to utilities such as search tools and calculators.

We believe in giving our users the power to personalize their online experience, helping them to enjoy an easier and richer web environment.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As more and more people spend hours a day on the computer, it is effective to be able to personalize the experience. This site allows you to put your favorite tools on your homepage, so you only have to turn on your computer to see your favorite tools and sites. As important, this site was designed with the average user in mind, and the process of installing a gadget can be done by practically anyone. The site is already getting high traffic volumes and seems primed for continued growth and evolution.

Some Questions About

How is this site making a profit? I saw some Google Ads discretely positioned in the site, but is that enough? Do they get fees from the sites they are creating gadgets for (like And, while their traffic is high, people like me never knew about the site…what is their marketing strategy?

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