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Laboratory Consultation Services Provides State-Mandated Online Courses For New York and California

If you work for New York state and are looking for a course in infection control, child abuse prevention, or school violence prevention, or work California state and are in need of a way to get your state-mandated dental courses out of the way, Laboratory Consultation Services is the solution you’re looking for. LCS is the leading online course provider for state-mandated courses, allowing you to select and complete your course and then download your certificate immediately.





While the original company was started in the 1970s by a group of experienced laboratory professionals to provide consulting services to commercial and physician-office based clinical laboratories, the current iteration providing state-approved courses has only been around in the Internet era. The site provides easy, safe, affordable, and secure courses for download and provides tons of industry information that is completely free for all users. In addition, LCS sustains a list of useful resources relevant to the entire market and has top-rated customer service which always answers questions in the timeliest manner.


LCS initially only offered courses relevant to New York state, but has since launched an expansion effort, hoping to offer their courses to different states to provide the convenience of online continuing education to a broader audience. First on the list was California, which they currently offer several dental-related courses for.




LCS’s courses have been successfully completed by thousands of professionals in (to date) 47 states and Puerto Rico and 37 foreign countries on six continents. Their staff continually reviews the content and presentation of their courses to keep them as up to date, informative and user-friendly as possible.



Head over to the Laboratory Consultation Services website to check out a list of their current course offerings for New York and California, and sign up for the ones you need.



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