Label 59 Brings The DIY Demos

Everyone loves demo videos; just look at the popularity of all of those “how-tos” on YouTube. More and more companies are realizing that a simple, clear way to showcase their product is with an embedded video right on their landing page and I’d be willing to bet that a site without a good demo will be hard to find in the years to come.


Label 59 is counting on just that and they want to help you create rockin’ demos for your product, without breaking the bank. Brothers Shantanu Hans and Vaibhav Hans are the force behind Label 59, launched just this month from their parent company Seigospace. Shantanu took a minute to chat with KS about their focus on quality products and how they got where there are today.





How long have you been involved with the internet? What were your first steps?

I was pursuing a professional course in Accountancy (Chartered Accountancy – Final Group) and my younger brother Vaibhav is an MBA in Marketing. Both of us had been working in Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash) during our free time and finally in 2002 we decided to switch to IT and do the work we love the most.


How many people did you start the company with and how many people work for you now?

New company, new office, an altogether new domain and just the two of us. Time went on and we managed to work our way through all these years, handling custom client projects, learning new stuff, working on new concepts/ideas, developing these apps and so on. Since day one we have been a privately held company (No outside stockholders or investors).


What’s your office environment like? Is it the kind of place where everyone is bumpin’ away to house music or is it more traditional?

We have always been very passionate about creative designs and all creative works are a source of inspiration for us. Our office environment is more like a personal space: warm yellow lighting, light music, coffee and a variety of flavored teas.




What’s the most awesome thing about your company?

The greatest thing about our company/product is and always has been the attention to detail, not only to the visual aspects but also to the internal working (each line of code that runs within our app). Obsession for quality has always been our motto and we have tried to achieve that to the best of our ability.


What do you think has made or will make your company successful?

We at Seigospace have a business model based on retention and developing intimate relationships with each of our clients. We do whatever it takes to produce the best results for our clients and always work tirelessly to create innovative work. We pride ourselves in these long standing relationships and guarantee a pleasant, productive and, most importantly, successful experience.





It has been a wonderful journey so far, every turn on this beautiful road brings with it a new challenge, a new experience, a new avenue and that is what has made it all the more exciting and has encouraged us to go further and further …


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