– Another Dimension To Surfing The Web

KwiClick.comSurfing the web has changed since the internet was first conceived. There’s so much more to see and do, yet browsers haven’t really changed.

Yes, tabs have been added (thanks to Mozilla’s Firefox), and that’s a big step forward.

But what about the things you need to have right in front of you all the time in order to make browsing more effective? That’s where comes in. With this great Firefox add on, you’ll be able to save links, embeddable content, and other things you feel like sharing, so you can access them without having to save the tab. How does this work? Well, all you have to do is install the plug in and then start dragging what you want to keep to the window.

It’ll be saved there, so when you want to share it with someone else or check back to it, you’ll have it one click away. It’s an interesting concept, which greatly adds to the surfing experience. If you’re looking to make your web surfing more productive, and reduce the number of open tabs you have, then you should give it a try. In Their Own Words

“It’s time to get information in a faster and more efficient way. With KwiClick, you don’t need to go back and forth between pages to find the right search results.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s an interesting concept that really does make web surfing more productive.

Some Questions About

Are tabs that much of a bother? What about people that don’t use Firefox? Is there a way to implement this in other browsers?