KillerStartups – A Way Of Dealing With Email Overload

Kwaga.comSee your emails differently” is the tagline of this new Firefox plugin. What it can do for you is letting you deal with email overload and have a more organized inbox by visualizing only what matters at any given time.

This is accomplished by adding a layer to the inbox that does not disrupt the email environment you are already accustomed to, but which lets you screen your messages effectively nonetheless.

As it stands right now, Kwaga can remind these emails you have to follow up, as well as detecting which emails contain specific requests for actions. Furthermore, it will take care of extracting bits of information such as passwords and telephone numbers, saving you the hassle of doing it manually – IE, you no longer have to execute a search yourself, or squeeze your brains thinking about when and where it was that information was put your way.

As a service, it is certainly interesting. The best aspect as far as I am concerned is that it does not disrupt the way you usually work. Believe me, every small modification is felt when it comes to your daily routine, and there are changes that is necessary to keep to a minimum. This Firefox plugin does that, and you can see it in action for yourself by using the invitation number “121007”. In Their Own Words

“Kwaga is like a high-quality lens enabling you to focus in on essential email information. Kwaga adds a message screening layer without disturbing your current email environment. You’ll see meeting requests, deadlines, commitments, and telephone numbers in an entirely simpler way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Business people will find it invaluable because it will let them save time in a wholly natural way – their work schedules will not be altered.

Some Questions About

Is there anything like it for other browsers?

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