KushCash.com – Mobile Payments with your Cell Phone

KushCash.comMobile payment systems are becoming more and more widespread. A case in point: KushCash.com. This new service lets you transfer money while you’re on the go, using nothing but your mobile phone. You won’t even have to go to a bank, or any other financial institution. With KushCash, your credit card becomes linked to your mobile, and you’re automatically enabled to make payments and cash transfers to all your friends who also use the service.

KushCash notifies everybody when payments have been received via SMS text messaging. Transactions are carried using a peer-to-peer payment processing system that’s fully encrypted, and all the transactions you’re part of can be reviewed by accessing your timely account history.

As a service, KushCash supports practically all the handsets and carriers that are popular in the US nowadays. And more are meant to be added daily, too.

KushCash is presented by Secure Wireless Transfers Corporation (SWT), a provider of mobile commerce solutions that was started in California in 2005. The company is primarily targeting the 18 – 35 demographic, and it hopes KushCash will be widely used in settings such as campuses, and events like tradeshows and technology fairs.

UPDATE: The service was discontinued in early 2009.