Kurt And Steve Aren’t Pinterested In Your Feelings, They Just Wanna TalkGuyStuff

It’s true- Relationship status updating, shoe sale tweeting and fave wedding color scheme pinning are generally lady activities. And Kurt and Steve are not happy with this. So, they launched for disgruntled dudes to find a social outlet to discuss trucks, fishing, tools and the like. Leave those other social networks for… well… the birds.


The IT pros turned entrepreneurs from Minnesota gave us a little insight about Fleece Valley (their alternative to the “other” Valley), how the startup was hatched over a bacon cheeseburger, and why Kurt’s dog Bruce (great name btw) is called “The Rug.”



How’d you come up with the name TalkGuyStuff?

TalkGuyStuff: We wanted to be clear about what we are building which is a place for guys to talk about things they’re interested in.  Guys don’t want to talk about their feelings or their favorite color.  They want to talk about their tools, trucks, fishing rods and their latest home improvement project. It’s about the “stuff” for us.


How many people did you start the company with and how many people work for you now?

TGS: There are two of us who are co-owners. There’s no delegating. One of the two us just has to figure out whatever problem is at hand.  Our first meeting was over a bacon cheeseburger and onion rings, which was really good by the way.




Who inspires you?

TGS: We are inspired by fellow guys who work hard, play hard, and take care of their families. They deserve a place to talk about what they want to talk about. They shouldn’t have to conform to sites that don’t have content that they are interested in.


How’d you fund TalkGuyStuff?

We are entirely self-funded.   .


What was the biggest mistake you made with this or a past company? Anything you would change?

TGS: I wish we had more time to work on the website and company. At this point it’s a side project but if we could partner with the right investor it would be full time.


Do you consider yourself successful now?

TGS: Absolutely. We took an idea and created a company, a website and have big plans for the future. Beyond that we’ll know we’ve made it when guys know our site is the place to go for good information and entertainment.


Web App or site you couldn’t live without and why?

TGS: Google. It’s complex behind the scenes but all the user sees is a lot of white space and a box. Type a word in the box and hit enter. Magic happens.  Brilliant.


Mobile App you’re in love with?

I like Reddit, especially the TIFU section. I love how the average Internet user is usually more funny than most people writing TV shows and movie.



Dogs or cats?

Dogs. My dog Bruce lays around so much we call him the rug. You think he’s outside and then you trip over him because he’s lying right in front of you.


Finally, why do you think TalkGuyStuff is so awesome?

This isn’t about drinking pictures and dirty jokes. This is about celebrating the “good” of being a guy! We work hard, take care of our families and are always up to share helpful information, pictures and fix-it stories. Also, we’re not a silicon valley company. Our base is in Minnesota… which is
 more like the fleece valley.  We live in the woods, love our tools and embrace technology.  There’s no reason we can’t have it all.


We are open to partners/investors who are like-minded. Additional capital would help us to more quickly develop our vision.



We are experienced IT professionals who get things done at all costs. We don’t view the fact that we aren’t in our 20’s as a bad thing.  We bring a lot to the table in terms of business and technical skills and we’re proud of that!


Thanks Kurt and Steve for talking guy stuff with us. Now, all you chaps go check out this community and start a dude-inspired conversation. I’ll probably raincheck, there’s a new cupcake shop I MUST go pin about right now.


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