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Krystronix.comPresented by Krystronix, Twuner is an iPhone app that achieves a concise aim: letting you hear the tweets that you receive. This is accomplished by the use of text-to-speech technology, and both male and female voices can be instrumented.


In addition to the obvious novelty value, such a system accommodates a serious use: enabling those who are visually impaired have a tweeting experience that will suit their needs.

The company explains that they designed Twuner as a productivity tool to make listening to tweets a background task instead of a foreground one.

Multiple accounts are supported, and the playback itself can take into consideration any other activity you are undergoing (IE, the playing of music or videos) and pause it, read the tweet to you and then resume the playback. In theory, that would let you stay fully updated without interrupting what you were doing, and without having a negative impact on your productivity.

While this app is not something that would be employed massively, it does fill in a nice hole in the Twitterverse. And I also feel it might be paving the way for even better things to come. In Their Own Words

“Twuner is a “talking” Twitter app. What this means is that unlike a traditional Twitter app, which allows you to read tweets of interest, Twuner allows you to also listen to those tweets. We refer to it in the iTunes App Store as a Twitter utility because it was not designed to replace a regular full-featured Twitter client (such as the excellent Tweetie or Twitterrific). However, we do not want you to think of it as just a cool toy. We believe that Twuner is the first mobile Twitter client application to harness the power of Acapela Group’s highly advanced text-to-speech engine and add support for audio media playback between the vocalization of tweets.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good chance to tweet in a different light.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost? How many accents are there for you to choose from?

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