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Kristanix.comKristanix is a company that develops casual games which are suitable for users of all ages. These are games that can be played by parents with their kids, and they run not only on Windows but also on Mac OS and Linux.


iPhones, iPods and iPads are equally supported.

The games offered by this two-man team are different from the titles that are often provided by related sites in the sense that they are not fast-paced arcade games. Rather, they are slower in nature, and they can even be enjoyed by people who are handicapped or that have some special needs.

All of the games that the company has released so far can be tried for free, and these include titles such as “Mahjong Epic”, “Solitaire Epic”, “Crossword Twist” and “Maxi Dice”. And note that if you buy more than two games at once you are eligible for a 20 % discount.

The idea is letting not just parents but also grandparents take part of the world of gaming, and being able of becoming involved with technology in a way that is fulfilling for everybody. In Their Own Words

“Games for the thinking person!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

These games give parents (and grandparents) an excellent chance to get to know their children better.

Some Questions About

How many new games are added per month?

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