KPI Agency – It Pays To Concentrate On People And Performance

What does a full-service marketing agency look like when it’s been structured to fit the world in 2017 and the future?


KPI Agency.


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Take note, budding leaders, of how KPI Agency treats its people. This is how the best employees deserve and will expect to be treated. And this is how teams will outperform the competition.


“We believe that happy people do great work,” says KPI Agency President Brandon Dawson. “Creating an environment that truly prioritizes the happiness of our people has allowed us to get to where we are, and continuing to invest in our people is a major focal point of our expansion.”


KPI Agency recently converted from an LLC to a corporation, in part so that more equity shares and more robust benefit packages could be extended to team members. This move comes on top of other incentives such as unlimited personal time off, bonuses for taking time off, maternity/paternity benefits, and company investment into individual team members’ personal growth goals.


What might sound to many like generous compensation reflects the company ethos of empowering employees. KPI Agency operates within a Holacracy system that focuses on self-organizing teams, as opposed to a more traditional top-down management hierarchy. In addition, the company consists entirely of a remote workforce. Its people come from around the globe and have flexible hours.


Why would KPI Agency arrange itself like this? Well, amazing things happen when the aims of a company and the welfare of its people align. People have the autonomy and flexibility to solve problems, adapt to the needs of different projects. People take accountability as decision makers, allowing the entire organization to run with less bureaucracy – which is to say with more efficiency and transparency.




The proof is in KPI Agency’s expansion into markets around the world. First launched in Southern California in 2014, they’ve added team members working in Kentucky, Washington, Ohio, and Serbia. They’ve just begun building out into South Africa and the southern hemisphere, and have Europe in their sights for Q2 of this year.


A physical presence across timezones ensures speedy responses to their clients and keeps the costs down that trip up big agencies – they also forego the practices of billable hours and retainers in favor pay-per-performance campaigns.


“Many agencies take a once size fits all approach and don’t actually do anything that’s truly tailored to the client’s particular needs,” says Nico Coetzee, CEO and Co-Founder of KPI Agency. “Our clients generally have, at their heart, two or three very simple business objectives around which everything else rotates. We believe we can help brands clarify what’s really important for them and then remove the obstacles for achieving it. It might sound overly simple, but we believe it actually is that simple.”


KPI Agency provides a full suite of marketing and advertising services, with a primary emphasis on healthcare marketing. To learn more about the unique company or enlist their services, visit their new website at


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