search cancel – Free Professional Photos And Images is an online resource for finding and using royalty free photographs, vector images and video. If your work has to do with images, like design or advertising; or if you work in an online newspaper, you must know how hard it may be to find the image you need without having to pay a high sum of money for it.

You can always subscribe to a professional service, but this would increase your budget to a level which you may not afford at the moment. And the risk of using images without license is too high because you may end up being sued and getting more than a headache.

On the other hand, we all know that today’s media rely very much on images, due to the technological development mankind has achieved. So any enterprise related to any kind of media, such as advertising, online or traditional paper journalism, and many other professions need to count with good images. aims to solve all the problems related to getting images by giving them for free to registered users. That is not the only advantage, though. You can also rest assured that you will have access to very high quality productions, because the team that works in Kozzi is as professional as the one you might find in other similar paid services. The best photographers,designers and illustrator are hired by to provide users with the best pictures. The difference is that Kozzi revenue is obtained by selling advertising space to other companies.

Before signing up to the site you may take a look to many of the images available so that you can have an idea of what will be at your disposal once you sign up. If you register, all those images you saw with a watermark will be available without it right away. In Their Own Words

A revolution in the world of stock photography.

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