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Kosso.co.uk/avatars/Twitter makes anything possible. Communication, sales, conferences, marriage proposals, shunning, sharing—everything and anything you can think of has been tweeted about and Twitter-fied.

Twitter made 2007 the year of microblogging. And 2008 is shaping out to be the year of Twitter add-ons and apps. There are literally hundreds of Twitter related apps out there for your enjoyment. One of the latest is DeskFace. DeskFace, like most Twitter apps, is straightforward, easy to use and handy. DeskFace lets you post webcam pics directly to Twitter. Now you don’t have to be an anonymous faceless, Twitter user. You can add a face to the name. DeskFace works when you allow your webcam to access the site. Once this is accomplished, you can simply click on the “Take Avatar Snapshot” button and it’ll get to work making you your very own Twitter Avatar pic. The site is sparse at the moment, but more improvements and features are to come.

Kosso.co.uk/avatars/ In Their Own Words

“a Twitter avatar photobooth”

Why Kosso.co.uk/avatars/ It Might Be A Killer

DeskFace is a cool app to use if you want to personalize your avatar easily and quickly. You can use it take as many pics as you want and change your avatar daily. Other features should make it even more fun to use.

Some Questions About Kosso.co.uk/avatars/

Is DeskFace necessary? Avatars are already easy to make and upload via Twitter. Will users be drawn to DeskFace’s method or will they stick to the familiar? Kosso.co.uk/avatars/