Koornk.com – Keep In Touch With Your Friends

Koornk.comKoornk is a newcomer in the field of social applications and tools that have one concise aim: letting everybody know what you are doing at a given time. In this particular case, you stay in touch with your friends (who must also be Koornk users) and let them know exactly where you are and what you are up to via quick messages.

The only requirement for using Koornk is signing up beforehand. This process comes at no cost and it is dealt with in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is provide profile information along with a valid e-mail address to which a confirmation e-mail will be sent. When signing up you can also choose to remain posted on the latest developments via e-mail updates. You can likewise sign using an OpenID.

Lastly, a link to the existing Koornk Google Group is also provided, enabling developers to talk about Koornk applications over the web and discuss the way the system can be improved and furthered.

Koornk.com In Their Own Words

“Koornk is your personal shouting place that lets you stay in touch with your friends via short, quick messages. It works the other way too.”

Why Koornk.com It Might Be A Killer

Social applications are the “in” thing nowadays.

Some Questions About Koornk.com

What advantages does it have compared with the already-existing services on the Web? Koornk.com