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Koonji.com In Their Own Words

Today, nearly a billion people worldwide use Internet to do various activities online. With the exception of a few simple tasks, like checking local weather or getting driving directions, most of these activities require users to go through multiple steps and browse multiple sites. Whether its buying an HDTV, organizing a birthday party, finding a job, or planning a vacation—the process for completing these activities can be time consuming and frustrating. Since there is no tool currently available that can efficiently guide users through an entire activity from beginning to end, each user is forced to invent his or her own process. They may start with a broad search on their favorite search engine and gradually narrow down their focus through trial and error to appropriate sites. Or they may try to remember what specific sites they visited, and in what sequence, the last time they completed a similar activity. Either way, the process can be confusing, inconsistent and inefficient. Worst of all, once a user figures out their ideal way for completing a task, they have no easy way of storing this information for future reference or for sharing with others.

Why Koonji.com It Might Be A Killer

Koonji is fun and easy to use, and has a wide range of information. Users will visit it repeatedly not only to find guides to specific tasks, but just to browse and see what is out there. The site is already running with sponsorship so it´s on its feet financially.

Some Questions About Koonji.com

Koonji doesn´t explain very clearly how it determines which articles are the most relevant. It only provides you with one koonji when you search, so users have to really trust the site that this information is authoritative. The site needs to make clearer how and why it is choosing the koonji so that people trust it more. Koonji.com