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KoolBuck.comKoolbuck is an online marketplace which has been set up with practicality in mind. Sellers have access to a pool of ready buyers, while buyers get cash back on every purchase as indicated online.

The site includes a neat navigation menu which makes it possible to have instant access to the different categories on offer.

These include “Computers & Software”, “Apparel & Clothing”, “Gifts & Flowers” and so forth. There is also a category that groups together the most popular products. For its part, sponsored stores are prominently highlighted on the main page, and the amount of cashback at play is spotlighted for reference purposes.


The user can also visualize featured stores by means of the provided drop down box which is located on the left-hand side of the main page. On the other hand, a “Store search” tool is featured and it proves to be very useful for those who already have a store in mind and wish to jump to it straightaway.

Registration is free both for buyers and sellers. As far as sellers are concerned, they only have to pay for the service when an actual sale is made. In Their Own Words

“KoolBuck- cash back on every buy”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Online marketplaces that offer cash back prove to be very popular among the Internet community.

Some Questions About

Will the existing product categories be enlarged somewhere in the future and include more items to choose from?

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