Koolanoo.com – A Jewish Social Network

Koolanoo.comA social network for Jewish people only makes a lot of sense. I mean, Jews are known as one of the tightest-knit cultures in the world. They have grouped together and interacted with each other ever since the dawn of the time. Give them the chance to do it on a site that’s been built solely for them, and they’ll be sure to do it. And that’s exactly what Koolanoo.com is all about. This new social network has been built to be used by Jewish people only.


If you are one, then you can sign up for an account at no cost. You’ll be able to do all the things that you do on a site like Facebook, only that the interactions will be kept between you and people who share your same religion.

You’ll get to message each other, and to exchange photos and videos using an interface that’s almost the same as the one you have on Facebook. And you’ll also be provided with a chat for interacting with your new friends live.

Still, it must be pointed out that the site has got some potential which remains untapped. For example, there is little that can be customized. And although Koolanoo has got a niche thing going, the site is pretty standard in terms of features. I wonder if it will manage to keep people interested for long enough to begin using it regularly.

UPDATE: Koolanoo never really improved in terms of features, and it failed to pick traction. People just didn’t use it, and the site was taken down in late 2008. The domain is currently for sale.