Kontactr.com – Personal Contact Forms

Kontactr.comKontactr is a one click contact form service. It’s an easy way to create the form for people to reach you from your site without having to give out your email address.

It allows people to sign up for their own remotely hosted contact form that comes with spam protection. Once registered, there are many many cool tools and widgets to integrate and embed your own personal contact form into your website. It’s easy to use, comes with CAPTCHA protection, and there are codes for buttons and links to your form.

Kontactr.com In Their Own Words

“Kontactr is a one-click free contact form service. With Kontactr, you can fight against the amount of spam that you receive daily. Protect your email address by using our highly secure contact form. You can also use our simple tools to embed the form right into your own website. Everything is as easy as 1, 2, 3…”

Why Kontactr.com It Might Be A Killer

It’s a clean and simple site that provides a useful function for website owners looking to reduce their spam mail.

Some Questions About Kontactr.com

Will they offer any other services or just keep the site to this basic function? How are they making a profit from the site? Kontactr.com