You Don’t Need Spies To Follow The Competition, You Only Need Kompyte

Why should you care what the competition is doing? If you’re focused on doing what you’re doing as best as you can, isn’t that good enough?


Well, the founders of Kompyte, Pere Codina and Albert Colmenero, would hold up an example of an early client of their first software development firm whose business dropped off by 30% in one week because they missed a competitor advertising free shipping.


You can’t afford to not know what your competition is up to, and that’s why Codina and Colmenero teamed with Sergio Ramirez to create Kompyte.




Kompyte is the first “Competitive Intelligence Platform” that keeps track of what your competitors are up to in real time, so you never fall behind in the game. Enough of the guesswork, or trying to interpret what the likes on someone else’s social media mean for your business. Kompyte gives you a 360-degree view of your competition.


What does that mean? In addition to monitoring social media in real time, Kompyte also keeps watch of websites, newsletters, digital ads, landing pages, search results and keywords. When your competitors move – including when new ones launch in your field – you know all that’s happening instantly.


If prices change, you’ll know immediately. If a new marketing campaign launches, you’ll know. New features, new integrations, a new niche customer targeted, changes in search rankings… With Kompyte, you can easily follow everything related to your competition.


To get started, all you have to do is enter in a competitor’s name and Kompyte begins tracking them. You’ll also receive real-time alerts when there’s activity of interest.




What company has the time or resources to constantly maintain this kind of intelligence (research, monitoring, analysis, etc.)? None. For good reason, Kompyte has expanded successfully from Barcelona to the U.S. and quickly added top U.S. firms to its list of clients.


Kompyte gives companies the data they need, in formats they can make use of quickly, so they can figure out both what the others are doing and what’s already working well for them. Insights can lead to small changes such as adjusting content and messaging or even to making huge adjustments such as eltering the business roadmap.


Spare yourself the frustration of squandering resources only to collect stale data, and gain immediate insights into your competition’s strategy with Kompyte. Subscription plans start at $125 per month, with enterprise plans available for larger firms. Interested users can learn more or signup at


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