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With so many tools at our disposal, you would think that communication is a piece of cake, but the opposite is true. It’s becoming harder to keep track of messages, for teams to stay on the same page, and to manage all the applications and devices we keep in play. According to the Kolk Group, “Nowadays, medium and large companies lose up to 30% of profits due to non-transparency of the projects and contracts discussion.”


What a pity. Life, business and personal, should be easier. Which is why the Kolk Group has developed an all-in-one communication solution, a CHiWAO platform that unifies all of your communication in one coherent system – in addition to being a cloud faxing service and “next generation new-age telecommunications carrier offering international TDM and VoIP wholesale services.”


In short, they are setting a new standard of communication between the business and consumer community, with unparalleled ease of use and robust security.


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At heart, the flow of information is the lifeblood of communication, and the Kolk Group ensures that information circulates freely, efficiently and transparently. Documents, free audio and video calls, text chat and group chat, linked audio and video conferencing all live harmoniously within the MultiCorpDivision system. Data is stored securely in the cloud.


One of the most innovative aspects of the ChiWAO platform is the ability to live broadcast any type of file, with augmented reality. Documents (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF), audio and video files, 3D goods can all be viewed or broadcast on any device – no matter if you’re “talking” by text chat, audio call, video call, or video conference. This live, direct view effectively makes sharing automatic. And combined with the integration of Internet store engines, it allows companies to instantly broadcast goods to customers without hassles.


This system allows team member, partners and clients to interact without friction. It brings down the barriers that impede departments within corporations and companies, so that projects can be executed rapidly. The Kolk Group simplifies and streamlines work so that everyone can be more productive.


Why choose a different tool for every task, adding to the chaos and further obscuring communication. With the Kolk Group’s mutual communication system, files, services and interactions all stay under one roof. If you need a chat on your website to speak to customers, it’s there. If you need team members to be able to speak in real time from multiple locations around the world, you can do so. Need to manage files or send instant mobile messages? Done and done.


The Kolk Group has been providing VoIP and FoIP solutions and developing software since 2012 with the goal of helping businesses to communicate more conveniently and affordably. Rather than dictate how you should collaborate as other systems might, their services and CHiWAO platform have been designed to equip each company with the all the tools and flexibility each company requires.


Eager to configure your communication without hassles or obstacles? Tired of trying so hard to connect and business being slowed down by unreliable or isolated services? Explore solutions offered by the Kolk Group in greater detail at


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