KoiniOchite.com – New Dating Site

KoiniOchite.comA sister site to Koini, KoiniOchite is the newest way to find a date online. On KoiniOchite.com you get the chance to connect with people in a way that’s far more natural to how you’re matched with singles on most other dating sites. Basically, users of this website become involved in contests and competitions. Weekends away, cinema tickets, VIP trips to concerts… as a user of Koini Ochite, you’ll get to compete for such prizes. And you’ll do it in a friendly environment, where everybody is showing the best of him/her.

This is greatly different from how other dating sites work. Instead of having you matched with someone automatically, on KoiniOchite you have the chance to show your true personality at every turn. It’s the closest to a natural way of breaking the ice that you’ll find online. You can become acquainted with people who like the very same things you do, and get to know them in an informal and relaxed way.

And the bigger the site becomes, then the better its prizes will get. So, KoiniOchite is clearly a site to watch out for. You can get started right now and register for a free account here.

KoiniOchite.com In Their Own Words

We know you want to find someone special, we just don’t think a computer should do it for you. In real life we meet people we have things in common with, who like the same things. It is sometimes difficult, however, to make the first move. Some dating site will have a computer do – we thinks that’s taking the fun out of meeting people.

Here at KoiniOchite.com we create competitions like weekends away, VIP trips to concerts etc and have people compete or collaborate, in a friendly environment, to win these prizes. As the community grows, so will the prizes. This way people can meet others who like the same things get to know them in an informal way and see where things go…. you know… like in real life.

Some Questions About KoiniOchite.com

In addition to providing bigger and bigger competitions as it grows, in which other ways is the site going to become different over time? KoiniOchite.com