Kodemango Is Here To Teach Kids How To Code

Kodemango knows that kids should be learning how to code. Coding, once the territory of young men who didn’t feel the need to see the sun very often, has moved firmly and clearly into the mainstream. It’s pretty undeniable at this point that programmers, coders, and software engineers are in high demand, in pretty much every industry. Everyone needs a website, right?


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But how do you learn how to code? Well, adults can go to expensive coding boot camps if that fits their budget. Self-teaching is always an option. However, the best time to start is way before you’re even thinking about having to make money to pay for your own food: when you’re in high school.


That’s where Kodemango comes in. Kodemango is a new comprehensive e-learning platform that helps middle and high school students learn how to do computer programming. It was developed by a husband and wife team who found that a lot of schools had Computer Science programs that were lacking — either they weren’t scalable as kids moved up in grades or they didn’t have good instructors. Even worse, a lot of schools didn’t have coding programs.


But for those that do have Computer Science programs, Kodemango offers easy-to-understand lesson plans focused on browser-based interactive coding, customized to each student’s skill levels. Each section comes with automatic quizzes that not only grade the students on their progress but also help them figure out what they should focus on.


“There are a lot of code teaching platforms primarily targeted towards ad hoc learning for adults, but there are none that help school administrators roll out a quality Computer Science program for their school,” says Kodemango Co-Founder & CEO Vaibhav Aparimit.




“We want to help schools differentiate from others by becoming thought leaders in imparting computational thinking to students,” adds Kriti Srivastava, Kodemango’s Co-Founder and Head of Business Development.


Because today’s work environments are overwhelming team-oriented, Kodemango lets students collaborate on projects, check out what their peers are doing, and test each other’s work. They can also get feedback from professional engineers in the program’s question and answer section.


Kodemango is actively recruiting teachers, administrators, board members, directors, and chairmen of schools internationally. To sign up, visit Kodemango’s LinkedIn page.


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