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KoalaDeal.comBrowsing through daily deal sites to try and find the best bargains is something that wears thin pretty quickly, if only because there are just too many of them. You could spend the best part of the afternoon comparing and contrasting offers, and still be miles away from any kind of unequivocal idea of where the best deals really are. And knowing as much, someone has come up with this new service. Koala Deal can take a good look at your past shopping history, and then point you to the best deals that can be found online.

This service (which comes at no cost) is completely automated, and the only thing to be done on your side is to sign in via Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. Koala Deal will then look at all the transactions you have conducted in the past, and gigure out what to recommend to you.

And just in case, you can specify these items that you are interested in getting manually, category by category. Koala Deal will take all that information into account, and start delivering the best deals it finds on a daily basis. And you can then rate these deals by relevance, and keep on fine-tuning the system until its results are nothing short of spotless.

KoalaDeal.com In Their Own Words

KoalaDeal is a simple tool that learns about your interests and past purchases and uses that information to find matching deals from the most popular deals sites. It?s easy, safe and free to use as much as you?d like.

Some Questions About KoalaDeal.com

How long must one use Koala Deals until it yields 100 % accurate results? KoalaDeal.com