– How to deal with Menopause

KnowMenopause.comThis website covers well organized information regarding menopause, focused on menopausal symptoms, treatments, suggestions from other women, best tips from high recognized specialists and additional information for those women in midlife. You can learn from real doctors, specialized on gynecology and specifically menopause and you can also learn from the touching experience of other women that might have been going through this phase.

From menopause basic topics clearly introduced by Dr. Gloria Richard Davis up to specialized guides such as hormone therapy, the Hysterectomy guide and the optional treatments during menopause, this information center is full with scientific knowledge and wisdom as well as live experiences, therefore it might be a good start when seeking for menopause and menopause symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes among others. Tips for dressing, hormonal therapies and philosophy on menopause can be displayed and they will be very helpful to keep you company during this special process.