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Knowledgewebb.netIt is unfortunate, but getting acquainted with technology does not lie within everybody’s grasp. There are people who can’t understand social media tools no matter how hard they try.


Rather, they do get the concepts but they fail to see how tools of such nature could have a positive impact in their lives. And the same goes for most applications that you could think of. Grasping what they do is one thing. Putting that knowledge into practice is another.

And showing people how to put that knowledge into practice is the objective of Knowledgewebb. We could define it as a training site that explains in layman’s terms how to best use different digital media tools. At the same time, it comes complete with an ever-updated section that is dedicated to tech news and trends.

The site is wrapped up by a section that lets you chat live with an expert, and another in which community discussions take place. And you would be glad to know that live chats can be replayed as many times as you want. Useful if you are new to the site and you missed one whose topic was tailored-made for you. You won’t be able to participate in the discussion that took place back then, but it’s better than nothing. In Their Own Words

“Knowledgewebb is your hub for digital tools and strategy training on the web. We’re recognized as a leading training website by Entrepreneur Magazine and many others. Tens of thousands of members visit us each day to take self-directed classes, watch training videos, attend webinars & live chats and to learn about the latest trends and opportunities in social media, website development, starting small businesses, digital content and more. Start learning today!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are not that tech savvy can begin catching up thanks to a resource like this one.

Some Questions About

What are the most discussed topics in the community forums?

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