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KnowItBest.comOne of the most common criticisms aimed at questions and answers sites is that the advice you are getting can come from just anybody. And in a certain sense, these detractors are right.


In a certain sense only. I mean, that is obviously one of the appeals of these websites. People from all walks of life can come in and give their opinion on whatever is being discussed. It is up to the one who asked to discern whether that advice is right or not. Nobody takes everything at face value on such sites, in the same way that in real life we don’t do blindly as others tell us. We weigh everything up, and then we decide on how to tackle any situation we have to deal with.

Still, some seem to believe that the actual way in which people interact on questions & answers websites could use an overhaul, and that is why this site has been created. Know It Best emphasizes social profiles over categories of expertise. This means that the site lets you ask questions and define the kind of profile a person must have to answer it.

As a result, if you are looking for romantic advice you can specify the kind of person who you think could help you be a true Valentino, and if you need help with launching your new venture you could request that only people who have an exactly-delineated business profile answer it.

The approach is certainly nice for a change, and we’ll have to see how widespread it can become. The way the site works is certainly a plus – no questions are left unanswered. Every question joins a queue and waits in line for a responder with a profile that matches your requirements. In Their Own Words

“The social-profile-based Q&A network. What would you like to know … from whom?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a platform, it is interesting because it modifies the way people have traditionally looked up answers to specific questions online – they get a lot more control over the way their queries are dealt with, and by whom.

Some Questions About

Will people start using it massively?

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