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Know Ahead Of Time If Your Restaurant Choice Is A Bad Choice

Today’s Killer Startup: TaintedNapkins





Elevator Pitch:

TaintedNapkins is an easy-to-use restaurant rating app.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I read an article recently that said that Millennials are spending as much as 25% of their income on food, despite the fact that we’re all basically broke. The author hypothesized that this was because we, as a generation, don’t feel like we have much control over anything: we came of age during the Great Recession; our expensive college educations haven’t translated into well-paying jobs; and a bunch of us are still living at home. Food, then, is one area of our lives where we can take control, three times a day.


And you know another thing that Millennials love? Apps. We are all about the apps. TaintedNapkins takes those two things we love — food and apps — and combines them into one, easy-to-use restaurant rater. While there are plenty of other restaurant reviews out there, TaintedNapkins doesn’t expect you to write a complete restaurant-review essay or rate the restaurant based on some kind of arbitrary star system. Instead, TaintedNapkins lets users report just the bad experiences. All you do is open the app and tap either “Bad Atmosphere,” “Food Poisoning,” “Poor Food Quality,” or “Bad Service” and your “review” is in!


While the app obviously won’t give you the nuanced view that some other reviewing sites might provide, TaintedNapkins is a great option for people who are too busy to be bothered sifting through reviews or writing long reviews of their own. Taste, after all, is subjective — but things like explosive diarrhea are not. If you want to make sure that your latest restaurant choice is not going to send you in the bathroom for hours or leave you waiting for your food until the server gets around to serving you, check out TaintedNapkins for straight up, simple reviews before you dine.



Make sure your latest restaurant choice won’t leave you in the bathroom for hours with @TaintedNapkins


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Author : Emma McGowan

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