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Knocknok.comKnocknok is a chat platform intended for large-scale publishers that is more robust and organized than many of its competitors. Companies interested in using the Knocknok platform will be able to pre-populate discussion topics with each topic having its own chat room.

If you think back to the dark ages of the internet, you might remember that this type of functionality was prevalent at AOL where chat room names were pre-populated and people could jump from one to the next all from within the same environment. The key difference between AOLs chat product and Knocknok is the fact that AOLs platform was used for internal AOL chats and the technology was not distributed for external use. In the future, Knocknok will allow users to enter any chat room on their network without having to leave the original site entered. In Their Own Words

“Knocknok, Inc. is all about connecting people in ‘real-time’ for robust discussion on any topic. With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Maryland, team Knocknok has set about creating new and compelling Real-Time experiences for our clients and their users.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great platform that will allow companies to influence conversations to a certain extent by creating the chat room titles. Most other solutions rely on users to create topics and this can often lead to completely out of context chats. Live chat like that offered by Knocknok adds value to any site as it keeps users on the site longer and keeps them talking about the product offered by the site.

Some Questions About

How will users of Knocknok monetize the service? Will knocknok provide different models for their clients including an add-based free solution?