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KnKt’d App: A Smarter Tool For Mental Health Treatment

In the world of online notifications, few have the urgency of those who are receiving mental health treatment trying to connect with care providers and support and vice versa. Access, instant messaging, one touch alerts – these aren’t just tech buzzwords: they’re life savers.


KnKt’d is an app and software platform by Synergistic Creations that improves communication between care providers and their clients. Simple and fast, it makes a wide range of connections much easier, which leads to better quality of care.


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The KnKt’d app is built upon adjustable modules that work best for for each provider-client relationship. On a daily basis, clients answer a series of progressive questions related to sleep, mood, and feelings. When things aren’t going so well, patients have a one-touch distress signal. They’re also given immediate access to coping tools.


Perhaps more importantly, KnKt’d affords the opportunity for better care even when problems aren’t obvious. This happens because data is collected daily. So, when the system registers an established threshold crossed, alerts can automatically be sent to care providers, crisis teams, family and other support. There’s no suffering until the next appointment or people left wondering why they didn’t see danger until after it becomes tragically too late.


Collaboration is at the heart of the application, making it easier for everyone concerned to become more actively involved. Regardless if the focus is mental health, behavioral health, physical, recovery, etc., the tools work the same in order to create a stronger network of care. Internal messaging, clear displays of daily wellness measurements, even data shared with funding programs to secure resources for treatment, are just some of the features that advance better comprehensive care.


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Providers can also turn to KnKt’d to manage appointments easily, adjusting timeframes according to data collected. They may also maintain electronic health records with less effort – not to mention, keep information straight and more accessible for handling large caseloads. Meanwhile all of these benefits come at very affordable costs, as low as $2 per month per client.


The entire system is adaptable and scalable to meet different needs. Medication, client journaling, treatment and other modules can be added or subtracted at any time, depending on what works best. For all the conversation generally heard about how complicated and disconnected treatment is within the healthcare industry, KnKt’d simply works. It puts healthcare at the fingertips of all parties, and uses data both swiftly and effectively.


You don’t need a PhD or chronic illness to appreciate this degree of functionality. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, or learn more at my


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