Knightel, Inc. The leading Telecommunication service provider

Knightel provides the phone services for the residential and the broadband customer on voice over IP concept. They offer their servcies in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Knightel, Inc. The leading Telecommunication service provider In Their Own Words

Knightel, Inc., is the Subsidiary of Eagle GB PLC. It is marketed by Eagle Communication LLC and Eagle Corporation Private Limited in N. America and in Europe respectively. Knightel is Eagle GB PLC’s retail arm, under which the company will be offering its telecommunication services. In its portfolio, Knightel includes VoIP based Residential and Business Phone service, High speed broadband and internet for Residential, Small Business and Corporate customers, Wired Phone service E911, Wireless and other emergency dialing enabled online communication service and Knightel Wi-Fi.

Eagle GB PLC earlier started as an independent dealer and distributor for various wireless network operator and manufacturer and the outsourcing service provider. In 2004 company started to wholesale the VoIP and Internet services to the European businesses. Eagle GB PLC also acquired an Outsourcing firm in year 2006.
The launch date for the Knightel, earlier was June 01 2006, but due to the internal reason and delay in getting the license to provide service it was further delayed.

As per the meeting of the Eagle Communication LLC, this is now expected to be launched on August 12, 2007.

The company will be targeting in its tier 1 for the Market Development, the countries to include USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia. Later by the end of 2008 company will have its presence in other tier 2 countries like: Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Czech republic, France, Italy, Mexico, Denmark, Brazil, China, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany Luxembourg, Latvia and Russia.

Why Knightel, Inc. The leading Telecommunication service provider It Might Be A Killer

i think because, VoIP is the latest concept in the market. And above that they are offering loads of discount and cheaper than the cheapest VoIP service provider. Infact they have good Customer care service too.

Some Questions About Knightel, Inc. The leading Telecommunication service provider

What if they become next Sunrocket?


They told us that from January 2008, they will be launching their Wireless service too.