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Knibble.comWith you can log onto the website and with moments be playing one of the 10,139 absolutely free games that are being offered.

The Los Gatos California startup has been mashing a social networking aspect with this casual gaming, now not only can you log on and play all the games you want, you can also network with other gamers who have similar interests in games as you and you can play games against them and also just keep in touch with them and perhaps form friendships. It can also be an awesome way for the makers of the video games to get discovered and possibly hired by other companies. In Their Own Words

About Us
We crawl the whole wide world of the web to find any and all online casual games. We’re already the largest casual game site and everyday we’re adding more games. And the Knibble community (we call it the Knibblehood) helps out in hand- scrubbing them. Any registered member can submit new games, add a description, suggest a content rating and add tags. Basically all of us together organizing the huge world of online games for the enjoyment of everyone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Who doesn’t enjoy logging on to a site and spending 10 minutes doodling, playing Apple Master or Poker with Jessica Simpson? Everyone likes taking a little break and letting some steam off and why not have over 10,000 different games to choose from?

Some Questions About

As of now the site is only monetized by advertising and even if many people go on to play video games, will they be clicking on the advertising on the sides?