Klinkr.net – An Adobe Client for Plazes

Klinkr.netYou may have heard of Plazes a new social web-on-the-go site where you can share your whereabouts with your favorite friends and family. So if you’re in need of a pick me up after work, connect to Plazes and let them know you want to go out.

All your contacts can respond if and when they’ll meet you. You can check out their locations in real time too. Now there’s a new desktop client for Plazes called Klinkr created by a group of “five guys and a girl”. Klinkr uses the Adobe Air Platform and has a number of useful features. You can access all of your Plazes contacts on your desktop and see where they are and what they’re doing via Google Maps. It also utilizes Intelligent Clearing so you can see where you are in relation to your friends. And it works on PC and Macs. It’s free too.

Klinkr.net In Their Own Words

“klinkr is a desktop client for Plazes, based on the Adobe AIR platform”

Why Klinkr.net It Might Be A Killer

Klinkr is a handy tool for your desktop that takes Plazes and makes it more usable. You don’t need to have a browser open to use. You can simply view on your desktop.

Some Questions About Klinkr.net

Plazes is relatively new and not incredibly well known. Will Klinkr find an audience? Will uses like what Klinkr has to offer? Klinkr.net