Klezio.com – Giving You News For Your News

Klezio.com“News for news”? What does that exactly mean, I hear you say. Well, here’s what it means, and what this new service does: every time you read news story and you became interested by it you are very likely going to want to know something more about the news itself or about the topic being treated in the article.

Now, that’s what Klezio.com is for. (By the way, if you are still trying to work out what has “Klezio” have to do with anything, well then stop wondering cause it’s just a random made up word.)

Here’s how it works, when you go into a news story the engine behind Klezio will go and fetch things that are semantically related to the news itself. For all those who don’t know what semantics is, it’s basically performing a search by meanings and not by similarities. In this way the engine will return results that are far more interesting and relevant to what you are looking at on that very moment. Judging on the results we received, the engine is not bad at all, although lots of polishing is still needed since there are definitely several rough edges on the systems usability for landing pages as well as a relatively poor use experience all round. Nonetheless, it’s still a noteworthy site to have a look at. Let’s see how it evolves.

Klezio.com In Their Own Words

‘Klezio is a new way to fetch, analyze and display news. It tries (sometimes it works quite well) to surround news with semantic data grabbed from popular websites. News is not just news but a topic, a subject.’

Why Klezio.com It Might Be A Killer

It is giving news a new edge.

Some Questions About Klezio.com

Does it work well enough? Klezio.com