– A Second Chance to Meet Your Crush

Kizmeet.comDid you ever wonder what would have happened if you just went up to that boy who was looking at you at the café? Why are we so afraid of asking for someone’s number or introducing ourselves? It seems like we miss so many chances to meet new interesting people just because we are bashful. Kizmeet.

com gives us another chance by making up for these bashful moments by posting an encounter in your city and location, thus way that special guy/girl may stumble across it and respond. has networks in 18 cities and from these 18 cities you can post an encounter by category. The categories include: bars, gyms, markets, coffee shops, concerts, outdoors, on the move, college campus, and miscellaneous. You can also search by key words within a city. Users can post the time, date and location of the connection and there is a chance that your crush feels the same way and will respond. Users can communicate through the network and when they are comfortable, they can plan to meet offline in person. also has a mouthing off section where users can vent about their horror story experiences. Don’t let your bashful side get the best of you post your encounter at In Their Own Words

“ is the only website entirely devoted to helping you find your “missed connections.” Kizmeet encounters can happen any place, any time. Maybe you chatted with someone at the market but never got their email address, or you exchanged glances across a crowded bar but were too shy to approach. Or perhaps you’re just curious whether anyone noticed you at the gym, while riding the bus or in your Psych class when you know you looked good!

The site is incredibly easy to use, and it’s all done anonymously. Kizmeet allows you to post and search postings within specific locations in your city, and you can search by the date the encounter occurred. Postings are organized by categories such as Bars, Clubs & Dining, Gyms, Coffee Shops and Markets & Shopping, upping the odds you’ll find a message intended for you. And, of course, you can reply to postings in a snap to see where it might lead…

Kizmeet is the fun way to (re)connect with someone with whom you’ve already made a connection in the real world. It’s not the typical online personals site that tries to match two random people together. With Kizmeet, you’ve already felt the spark – you just need to find the person again. There’s no registration. No compatibility forms. No fees. Just the chance to stop wondering what might have been. Woulda, coulda, shoulda? With Kizmeet, now you can.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface and the site is easy to navigate with its large icons. It is great that Kizmeet gives users the opportunity to suggest new cities. Another great thing about Kizmeet is that users can remain anonymous and therefore take a chance and met new people. Going up to your crush who you haven’t formally been introduced to in front of his/her friends can be very difficult. Kizmeet provides a safe place for users to express their interest without the threat of public rejection.

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There are similar sites that promote the same connections and have the same format. How will deal with similar sites? Can users post their photo so other users will recognize them?