– Play Songs & Record Them Online

KissTunes.comI can’t kick the aspiring musician out of me. After having tried a wide assortment of instruments in the past, I still entertain the thought of putting a few more to the task.

It comes as no surprise that I found this website endearing, even if I will be the first to concede that it is nothing groundbreaking.

Essentially, this site will let you play and record tunes using your keyboard and choosing your desired instrument from a provided drop down menu. These include electric and acoustic piano as well as acoustic guitar.

After goofing about for a while (well, OK, after struggling for about 1 hour because my ear is not that good) I managed to come up with ZZ Top’s signature riff. You don’t need to ask the name of the song. It is the one beginning with “La “ and ending with “Grange”. Enough said.

As I admitted in the first paragraph, nothing groundbreaking or defining. But a well-arranged website that provides very good and clean fun for the whole family. Check it out. In Their Own Words

“Play and record tunes online using your computer’s keyboard!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who have always harbored rock star fantasies will get them out of their system via this service. Or maybe exactly the opposite.

Some Questions About

Will additional instruments be included sometime soon?