Kinsta – WordPress As You’ve Always Dreamed

In love with your WordPress site, but still eager for a way to make everything better and faster?


How about having Google give you a hand? Well, specifically Kinsta and Google.


kinsta landing


Here is what they’re is all about in their own words: “Kinsta is the first managed WordPress host exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform and container technology. LXD is the container management solution being utilized, a next-generation container hypervisor.”


What you need to know: Kinsta makes your life managing WordPress sites much better. It allows you to run things more smoothly. It’s safer, stronger, faster. Yeah, it’ll pretty much turn you into a Superman or Superwoman at running your sites.


Unlike other hosting/management services, you only pay for bandwidth. This means that you can enjoy unlimited visitors and pageviews without breaking your bank. Plus, you have a dashboard for keeping data in clear view, all the while your sites are being monitored and important information tracked.


With Kinsta, you also benefit by having a team of WordPress experts at your disposal, as part of their support team – available 24/7. Powered by Google, you’re set to scale without hassles. Migrations? Those are free. Want more good news? It’s is mobile-ready, so you can manage your websites from wherever you are.


You can read more on their website about the cutting edge technology that makes Kinsta so awesome. For those who just want to get down to running their sites, this is safe, backed up, and stable solution. So, you get to stay focused on building your web presence instead of worrying about management.


Fast load times for your guests, loads of tools for your development team, peace of mind that you’re set to grow your business – ready to try the Kinsta experience? Find the plan that fits your company at


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