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KinKast.comKinKast is the right application to use when you feel like sharing videos only with a very selected group of individuals such as your relatives, and not your whole social graph.


KinKast will let you do that – you will be able to have your clips uploaded and hosted online, somewhere that can be accessed only by those that you authorize directly. That is, you upload the video, and the ones that you individualize will receive a private link for seeing it. They will not have to sign up for an account at all. They will see the video just by clicking on the link.

There are no size or length limitations of any kind, and KinKast takes care of backing the data for you (your privacy is never compromised, of course). And I feel it is important to mention that KinKast lets you upload videos straight to YouTube and Facebook, so if you ever have to upload lots of videos of different nature you will be able to share them all on the spot, and keep everything as public or private as you want. In Their Own Words

Share video with the people you care about.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is the smoothest alternative for sharing videos when you have befriended colleagues and bosses on Facebook. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the hassle of creating lists and taking extra care nothing becomes viewable by the wrong people when posting it.

Some Questions About

Are you provided with analytics for seeing who has clicked on the links you have sent out?

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