– Ach, Easy Air Fare Searching

Kinkaa.comGermans are reputed for their efficiency; we can witness this very property at work in Kinkaa a very fresh and new flight searching site, which is all you´ll need for ‘dein Reise´, or your travel. With it´s cool green graphics, Kinkaa is simple and easy to use; there aren´t too many things cluttering your search screen.

Unlike other similar sites, Kinkaa searches over 100 providers, and it´s fast. Results are shown on one screen and prices include airfare and taxes. Kinkaa´s straightforward, no-frills approach really simplifies the travel process. In Their Own Words

“Kinkaa is a travel search engine that makes finding the best prices for your travel simple.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Kinkaa is super-simple to use and surprisingly fast. Other fare searchers are more complicated and their results aren´t as forth-coming. Kinkaa does a fantastic job of streamlining the search process and cutting out complications.

Some Questions About

Kinkaa is one of many sites that aggregates fares, how will Kinkaa compete? What´s its marketing strategy?