KillerStartups – Jars of Personalized Messages is a gift site that specializes in jars of personalized messages in miniature envelopes to open daily.

Shoppers are able to add their personal touch into their gift jar from start to finish by using a new, interactive customization wizard. Shoppers would begin by selecting the container style, ribbon color, filling for the jar, embellishments, and message options (1. Request blank papers to write their own; 2. Select from over 400 messages in the library; 3. Request handwriting service). KindNotes would take their selections to create a meaningful gift. So you’re able to add your personal touch to the gift by selecting its components, from the container style, filling, and ribbon color to the envelope design and your personalized messages for the recipient to open each day. In Their Own Words

“We’re here to help you make that special occasion even more meaningful! We offer a unique, personalized, and sentimental gift that would be able to express how much someone means to you whether it’s for a friend, husband, wife, parent, grandparent and more.”

Why It Might Be A Killer, a family-owned business, was introduced in 2007 and has received many positive feedback from their customers, especially for their great customer service and quality products. They’ve been published in the Contra Costa Times and the Huntington Beach Wave Newspapers.

Some Questions About

How will the site advertise itself? Will this site really catch on?

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