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Kindlegraph.comElectronic books have come a long, long way thanks to readers such as the Amazon Kindle. The one complain that was leveled at having to read a whole tome onscreen (IE, that your eyes would end up straining) has but vanished in thin air, and now everybody knows that reading an ebook is not entailing any kind of significance difference or wear than reading a conventional book. Yet, some distances are not shortened that easily. Take having an autographed book, for example. An autographed ebook is never the same – the physicality of having a book signed by its author has no exact equivalent. The closest equivalent is provided by services like this one.

In essence, is a platform that lets you have any ebook autographed and dedicated by its author. The service is free, and it is powered by Twitter – you authenticate who you are by signing in to Twitter, and once you have done so you can connect with your favorite author and request an autograph. If he accepts, the autograph will be sent straight to your Kindle. It is not the same as having an autographed book on your shelf, but it is the closest equivalent in the digital world yet. In Their Own Words

Making ebooks just a little more personal.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the closest you will get to having an ebook autographed by its author.

Some Questions About

How widely-accepted can such a service become?