KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Who said April is the cruelest month? An Etsy IPO, more funding for the red-hot Slack – and that’s just some tech news over a couple of days this month. T.S. Eliot might have changed his tune if he’d been able to check out all the vibrant creators who’ve been making headway and were featured on KillerStartups this week…


music recording


In addition to National Poetry Month, we celebrate crowdfunding meeting the music recording industry, a tool for beating the expat blues, freelance made easier, and much more.


Killer Startups

  • With all the industry turmoil and infighting, it’s easy to forget that music production is a collaboration. Leave it to the crowd to decide how best to work together – and get ready for the new Soound.
  • Skwag is an app that helps keep the closet stocked with fresh shoe inventory without spending a penny. Dare we say this idea has legs?
  • Take a quick survey of meet-up apps and you’d come away with the impression that it takes the equivalent of a human supercollider to bring two people together. When all it takes is a rendezvous, or Rendeevoo.
  • BrightCaller puts a personal assistant in your ear each morning to help you stay on track toward achieving your goals. Let’s face reality: most of us struggle to keep motivated.


Living the Startup Life

  • Offering space on AirBnB is great way to pick up some extra cash, but a service that sublets your home or apartment – and moves your furniture! – is another level of freedom from monthly expenses. Hello, Flatbook.
  • The problem with the super convenience of ordering food: you still have to decide what to eat. Ugh, sooo much work. Unless, Susie handles that heavy lifting for you.
  • Whether a transplanted digital nomad, a vacationer or expat, etc., each visitor faces the challenge of figuring out how to really know a place and its people. Accompanied by the right people – a factor often overlooked.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • What do Maria Sharapova, Jimmy Kimmel and American Idol have going for them besides stardom to help maintain their massive popularity? Social aggregation tools. Join the party.
  • Everyone could do without the bidding and interviewing that slows freelance work from getting done. This one is easy – take unnecessary steps out of the process.
  • For all the talk about disrupting industries, wise entrepreneurs may consider reinvigorating them instead. Here’s a crisp explanation of why this is true.


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