Become An Instant Wine Expert With Interactive Wine Lists From WineGlass

Today’s Killer Startup: WineGlass



Elevator Pitch

WineGlass turns every wine list into an interactive experience – and you into an instant wine expert.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I’m one of those people who kind of pretends to know something about wine. My “knowledge” stems mostly from a very alcoholic year spent in Buenos Aires, when I learned which of the $2 bottles of wine at the local supermarket were actually tastier than the $3 ones. As a result, I have a pretty decent understanding of my own personal tastes when it comes to South American red wines, if not any actual technical knowledge.


On the other end of the spectrum, my boyfriend read an article recently about how wine tasting is total bullshit, a fact that he likes to remind me of every time we go out to dinner. Whether or not that’s true (and, to be honest, I’m starting to think it may be), some wines do taste better than others and if you don’t recognize any of the wines on the menu, it can be hard to know which one to choose.


WineGlass takes care of that problem by putting all the information you could need about a wine list right at your fingertips. Just take a picture of the list and the app will give you information about each wine, including reviews and ratings from other drinkers, information about the price, and food pairings.


The app is a data-based approach to an age-old problem: how to pick a wine when you’ve never even heard of the varietals listed. It’s an app for people like me, people who aren’t 100% convinced that wine tasting is bullshit but still feel the grip of anxiety every time they have to choose a bottle for the evening. It’s also an app for people like my boyfriend, people who like to drink tasty wine but couldn’t care less whether the aroma is “fruity” or “oaky.”


Basically, it’s a great boozy app that will make sure you don’t ever order the wrong bottle again. Check it out now at



Not sure WTH an “oaky” wine is but want to get the right bottle at dinner? @wineglassapp to the rescue! #wino


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